Saturday August 18 , 2018
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Photography by John Hanstein

Welcome to our online gallery. I hope you enjoy browsing through the images and perhaps re-living great moments from your own travel experience.

When I was a young boy my father was a sales rep for Nucolorvue Productions. He developed a keen interest in taking photos of the many places he visited so that the company could produce post cards, calendars and books. When he returned from his sales trips, I would sit with him whilst he sorted through his 35mm Kodachrome slides on the dining table, projecting each one at postcard size on our wall to visualise the end product.

In those days tourism to places like Central Australia, the Snowy Mountains and North Queensland was in its formative years. I remember being entranced by the red soil of the Centre and also by the water and islands in the Whitsundays. Dad found an adventurous delight in introducing me to these places through the pictures and I guess I was swept up by the stories he would tell me about his experiences. By the time I had seen him sort through a batch of shots it was like I had been there myself.

Photography has been a part of nearly all my working life, I love the sights, sounds and the people I meet when I am on assignment. I am deeply involved with all aspects of the company's large range of pictorial products which have been a major part of the Australian souvenir scene for 60 years. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to cover a wide range of subjects including stunning natural landscapes, engaging wildlife and bold cityscapes.

Now known as VISIT Merchandise, the company has been part of our family for more than 40 years and that sense of wonder and admiration for Australia's scenic treasures has never left me. I still get excited planning trips and the capture of each location. It is wonderful that modern digital printing technology permits the production of individual, high quality prints of our favourite images. I love the idea of people enjoying their own window on Australia on any wall, anywhere in the world, whenever they want.

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